Rules and Recommendations for Participants

Greece and the Hellenic Motorhome Club are pleased to invite the members of FICM to the 39th Euro CC 2016, which will take place at the Karaiskakis Stadium of the Olympiakos Football Club, at Neo Faliro, Piraeus. See for more details.

We invite you to consult the program of the EuroCC on our site all the time. The program may change for force majeure reasons and participants will be notified in due time.

1- Registrations at the EuroCC Secretariat will take place from 01-01-2016 till 31 March 2016.
Friends who want to take part in the event may register as persons on individual basis, or through their clubs. The clubs should register their members and perform transfers on time.  The entry forms will be processed in the order of arrival and in the limits of availabilities:
• For the EuroCC : 200 and more vehicles at the EuroCC site. If there are less than 150 vehicles the program will not be organized
• For the EuroCC Extension : If there are less than 150 vehicles, the extension will not be organized.

The EuroCC and the EuroCC prolongation will not be organized, if less than 150 vehicles are registered or due to force majeure reasons. In this case the organizer will notify immediately the FICM and the registered persons, and will refund the full amount paid the latest on April 30, directly on the bank account number of the individual registered persons without any deduction.

2 - Sharing the meal and/or the week of extension implies participation in the event.

3 - The registration to the EuroCC, to the meal as well as to the extension and its full payment should be done either individually or by the clubs. The cost for the 39th EuroCC regular program is  € 110 per person. The cost of the extension program is  € 110 per person. The cost of the optional "Greek Spirit Dinner" is € 55 per person.
• Registration and full payment of activities each person wants to participate must reach before March 31, 2016 at the following Bank account:

NUMBER OF BANK ACCOUNT : 0026 0257 21 0201203417
ΙΒΑΝ : GR8602602570000210201203417

• Any incomplete registration form and/or not accompanied by full payment, and/or received after the deadline of 31 March 2016 at the EuroCC Secretariat will not be taken into account.
4 - Only a properly justified withdrawal sent to the EuroCC Secretariat will be accepted and refunded. A penalty will however be applied:
• Deduction of € 35 on the total amount paid for any withdrawal before the registrations are closed on 31 March 2016
• Deduction of 50 % of the total amount paid for any withdrawal from 31 March to 30 April 2016
• Deduction of 75 % of the total paid for any withdrawal from 30 April to 10 May 2016.
• The deadline for withdrawals is 10 May 2016. After that date a withdrawal will result in no refund.

5 - Confirmation of registration will be sent by 30 April 2016 the latest, to the address on the registration form. The envelope will include all information necessary for arriving at the site, and number of parking space allocated to each vehicle. The parking space number should be visibly posted on the windshield before the arrival near the site. At the arrival each driver should comply to the instructions of the parking helpers.

In case you have not received the confirmation letter by April 30, please contact the organizers at the following electronic address event [at]

6- You may arrive any time as from Monday May 16, 2016. It is possible to park close to the EuroCC site if you arrive earlier. Instructions for those who wish to arrive before Monday, May 16, will be posted on the 2016 EuroCC site.

7- There will be water on the site. Discharge of black and grey waters can be done at two or three different points. There will be electricity on the site but for medical reasons and for charging mobility appliances and electric bicycles. For tranquillity, please use generators moderately.

8 - For security reasons, during the EuroCC :
• Wearing the identification badge provided at the arrival is MANDATORY.
• Dogs must be leashed and all droppings must be collected and put in trash. Dogs are not allowed in buildings, at dinners, and there are rules for transferring pets with public transportation means.
• It is forbidden to light fires, BBQ...

9 - Any expulsion, decided by the organizers (improper behavior, stray dog, etc... ) cannot be contested and will not result in any refund.

N.B. Bank controls do not affect foreign tourists who may use credit/debit cards for payment at fuel gas stations, restaurants etc, and to get cash from ATMs.